Hard Candy Mold

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Hard Candy Mold

    hard candy

  • candy that is brittle; “you can break a tooth on that hard candy”
  • Hard Candy is an American cosmetics company, founded in 1995 by Iranian American sisters, Dineh and Pooneh Mohajer and Benjamin Einstein.
  • Hard Candy is the fourth studio album by Counting Crows, released in the United Kingdom on June 7, 2002 and the following day in the United States.


  • A hollow container used to give shape to molten or hot liquid material (such as wax or metal) when it cools and hardens
  • A distinctive and typical style, form, or character
  • model: form in clay, wax, etc; “model a head with clay”
  • Something made in this way, esp. a gelatin dessert or a mousse
  • cast: the distinctive form in which a thing is made; “pottery of this cast was found throughout the region”
  • container into which liquid is poured to create a given shape when it hardens

hard candy mold

Star Wars Light Saber Cake!

Star Wars Light Saber Cake!
This cake was so much fun to make. The light saber is made of watermelon flavored hard candy. We ordered the mold making supplies online and "winged it"… it was interesting… this was the second attempt – lol! Everything is edible and we even backlit the light saber by placing glow sticks (not edible – lol) behind the light saber so that when the lights went out… the saber glowed! Very cool.

Red deer sugar candy

Red deer sugar candy
At the Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia, traditional clear hard candies are made the old-fashioned way, using antique molds to produce lovely treats that really are too pretty to eat.